The Giant Treasure Hunt – GeoCaching

This weekend we ventured out in the snow to try something that we’d all been excited about, Geocaching. The thought of going on a treasure hunt was enough to get Aoife very excited, and who can blame her, I was just as excited if not more so!

Boots & waterproofs on, and it was off up to Old Speirs Schools Ground in Beith, for what’ll hopefully become a regular new past time.

geocaching image

For those you that don’t know what Geocaching is let me give you a little run through:

All in all, it’s a gigantic treasure hunt; other geocachers hide what are know as caches (treasure boxes, is what we’ve decided to call them) at various locations around the globe. We were surprised by how many there are, 4 within just a 1000mtrs of our home.

When the ‘treasure boxes’ are hidden their position is logged on the geocaching website.

Your job as a treasure hunter is to go out and find as many as you can. This can be done using a smartphone and a geocaching app.

Once you’ve found, you’ll usually find a wee book to log your visit and some treasure, the treasure rule is: you can take something as long as you replace it with something else. Which makes it so appealing to children, and adults like myself.

On some occasions you’ll find whats know as a trackable in the Geocaching circles, it’s a special coded coin that can be tracked around the world, if you remove it from the ‘treasure box’ you’ll need to take it with you to your next find and leave it in that treasure box, allowing it to continue its journey around the globe.

Well that’s Geocaching in a nutshell, and how much fun we all had!

We arrived at Old Speirs School Ground, stuck little Noni in the Baby Carrier, got out the compass (geocaching smartphone app) and off we went.

After 5 minutes we were within 15mtrs of the cache. Another 10 minutes wandering in circles and Aoife finds the treasure box, under a brick below a tree. An exciting moment!  I left a wee note in the log book while Aoife rummaged for treasure in the box! The look on her face was priceless.

Our first experience of Geocaching was so much fun, we’re already planning our next trip, we’ll let you know how it goes and we won’t forget the camera this time!

If your looking for something a bit different to do with your kids I highly recommend Geocaching. Its a fab activity for Children and adults alike, and there’s probably a treasure box not to far from you home.

What could be better that spending the day wandering the country side finding exciting new places in your area and being part of a giant global treasure hunt.


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