How To Make A Love You Mum Keyring

With mothers day just round the corner myself and Aoife thought we’d better get the finger out and decide what to make for that special day! Amazing how quick time flies by!

We decided on a “Love You Mum” Keyring made with letter and normal beads.

Luckily we had the camera to hand to take some photos of the keyring as we made it.

If you fancy making something similar please do, we had great fun doing this. It was all a little to much for Noni, she was more interested in throwing the beads about, we all know beads and 18mth old don’t mix!!

Make what every you want, could be a name bracelet, something for Dad, Gran or Papa. Let your imagination run wild!!

What you’ll need to make your Keyring:

  1. Some letter beads (can be bought at any good craft shops or online).
  2. Some normal beads
  3. A short length of elasticated string.
  4. A keyring
Craft Keyring - Love you Mum - Image 1

What You Need

Great we’ve everything laid out and ready to go.

Let’s tie our string to the keyring, start with a single bead, then thread your first four letter beads “L,O,V,E” (or whatever message you want).

Craft Keyring - Love you Mum - Image 2

Threading Beads

Carry on adding the beads until you’ve got what your after.

Craft Keyring - Love you Mum - Image 3

Almost There

When you’ve added all the beads make sure you tie of the string with a double or triple knot. And you’ll be left with a stunning piece of jewellery. That Mummy will love.

Craft Keyring - Love you Mum - final image

The finished keyring

A quick and cheap project, and now we have a beautiful handmade present for Mum (of course, I’m sure Dad would love one to for Fathers Day!).

What cool things have you made with the kids for those special days? Let us know below.


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